My Trip On The OKC Bandwagon


The lockout that was suspend the 2011-2012 NBA season was looming. As the owners and the player’s union fight over money, one of it’s superstars reminded the league and the world why the NBA exist. That man was Kevin Durant doing his “Summer Playground Basketball Tour”, a tour with a much effect as any Rolling Stones world tour, a tour that reminded us why the NBA exist - that is to play the game and watch those who excel at it have the chance to compete against each other.

It almost seems like a David Stern conspiracy. Makes me think about the quote from Malone had in the movie The Untouchable’s in reference to getting new recruits for your cause, “If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel. Get it off the tree”. It’s not like KD was fresh from college but he his relatively young so maybe that’s David Stern’s fresh apple.

The David Stern ThunderGate Scandal:

  1. Impose NBA Locket (Lets get the fans yearning for the season) 
  2. Have KD to Summer Tour (Well, he is a nice face and humble character and fans will love him) 
  3. Okay, the threshold for fans patience is at it’s peak (Lets start the season) 
  4. Now, lets reward KD (block the CP3 trade cuz we need Thunder in the ‘ship not Lakers).   
  5. Make sure they play again Miami Heat in the NBA Final (Guaranteed ratings with viewers gravitating towards KD instead of LeBron) 
Anyways, I don’t believe in the conspiracy but hey, it could possible. 
With that being said, I have officially hopped on the OKC Bandwagon. I’m still a avid supporter of my beloved New York Knicks and would LOVE to see them win the Finals instead… Shit, I just want to know how it feels to have your favorite team win the Finals. 
I have reason to like Oklahoma City Thunder, they are a very entertaining team plus they are relatively humble. Kevin Durant is one of my favorite players and is one of my top-5 favorite Collegiate careers of all-time. I’m not the biggest fan of Russell Westbrook as the pro player but he had one my favorite collegiate careers as well (top-50). Still, I’m more Anti-Heat then I am Pro-Thunder. These are dire situations. 
Since I have became an hitchhiker and hopped aboard the OKC bandwagon sponsored by twitter accounts worldwide. I have made some promises to uphold while I am on this fantastic voyage of a ride. 
Pledge of the OKC Bandwagoner:
  • I will not ever say that Oklahoma City is my favorite team in the NBA 
  • I will will minimize the amount of exclamation points used in tweets and such. i.e., (Lets Go OKC!!!!!!!! versus “Lets Go OKC!)
  • In the event that OKC wins the championship, I will not celebrate for more than one night, nor will I purchase championship memorabilia. 
  • I will denounce my affiliation with the Oklahoma City Thunder organization the day after the final game, whether it’s a win or loss. 
  • I will not be sad and heartbroken that the Thunder loss, instead I will simply be disappointed that the Miami Heat won.
  • I WILL NOT AND CANNOT AND SHALL NOT CRY IF THE THUNDER LOSE. (I wouldn’t even do that for the Knicks, I’m too grown for that.)
  • I will not get an OKC tattoo
  • I will not get a James Harden beard. 
That pretty much sums up my pledges. 
Lets Go OKC! and Lets Go New York Knicks (The 2012-2013 NBA Champions).

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